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Hello there!

I wanted to pop in today with a little life update, seeing as it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here.

As for most people, this past year has been hard, full of uncertainties, heartache, and so many changes. On top of everything going on currently, I recently lost my grandma and it has been extremely difficult.

She was one of my biggest fans and influences when it comes to being crafty. In fact, she bought me my very first artist quality paintbrush and wooden art box, that I still have to this day.

She was always excited to hear what I was working on and when my next craft show would be. She also loved hearing about the wonderful people I’ve met from all over the world because of the crafting community.

One of my favorite memories was sitting with her at the kitchen table coloring in coloring books, the crayons all mixed up in an old round tin, and her telling me that the characters could be whatever color I wanted, who says Mickey Mouse can’t be purple!

She was a fabulous oil painter and all around artist. I loved looking through her old doodles and listening to all her ideas. When my sister and I were younger, we would spend summers at her house painting, coloring, and walking to the Micheals a couple blocks away, as well as stopping in at a store called the Paint Box, which doesn’t even exist anymore. 😅 I think it’s safe to say she’s the reason for my craft store addiction!

She was a master of all crafts really, including baking and cooking. She taught me how to make Christmas cookies, banana cake, cheesecake, kifli, kruschiki, stuffed cabbage, noodles and cabbage, salmon patties and city chicken…the list goes on.

She would always feed you when you came over and there’d always be some type of baked goods or candy on the table.

So many good memories to share that this post would go on forever!

Thinking back on all these memories, and knowing how excited we both got talking about new ideas and revisiting old ones, has reignited a bit of the spark that seemed to slip away this past year. I want to move forward, albeit cautiously, as things are not quite yet back to normal; but with that being said, I am ready to jump back into the crafting world with both feet!

I hope you’ll join me as I try new things and meet new crafty people! I want to try my hand at gelli plates, resin, clay, tshirts, home decor, drawing, etc. I’ve dabbled a bit in most of these, but I’ve been more of a collector of supplies than anything! 😂 I’m sure most crafters can relate to that! 😅

So I suppose I am trying to say I want to find new in the old, by diving into the depths of my crafty stash!

I want to meet new people, participate, and possibly host, swaps and challenges; grow closer to this community that means so much me. I hope you will join me as I attempt new things, including updating this blog! 🤣🤣

I appreciate everyone who supports me, likes my posts, watches my videos and comments on my photos, it means so much! ♥️ As always,

Thanks for stopping by!


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Halloween has always been a fun time for our family. My sister, mom, and I love this time of year and everything that comes with it; chilly weather, bonfires, crunchy leaves, apple cider, and of course Halloween!

However, for obvious reasons, this year has been a little different. So instead of prepping for our usual spooky night get together, we have been crafting away with all kinds of wicked fun projects.

While my sister is the queen of hauntingly cute wreaths, my mom and I have been working on some cards for the #thoughtfulpumpkin and #thoughtfulblueandorange challenges for #averythoughtfulhalloween. You may have seen my earlier cards using Tessa Loves Jack and Tessa Says BOO! paper kits, but here’s a quick peek if you missed them…

But now, for the rest of the post, my mom’s super cute set of cards will take center stage at the witch’s cauldron.

Using some Halloween clipart, a couple dies, Carta Bella stickers, bits of adhesive ribbon and of course, Tessa Says BOO!, she mixed up a potion for these fun and colorful holiday cards.

I really had fun crafting with my mom and in the words of Michael Scott “I’d never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist.” Haha!! Just kidding, of course I told her how much I love them!

#averythoughtfulhalloween runs until the end of the month and I hope you will join in on the ghoulish fun!

Click here to visit the in depth blog post for the challenge.

I’d also like to share my mom’s Instagram, if you’d like to pop over and show her some crafty support.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Wishing you a fa-BOO-lus day!



Paper Collections:

Tessa Loves Jack

Tessa Says BOO!

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If I know one thing, it’s Halloween! From spooky ghosts and haunted houses to cute pumpkins and trick-or-treaters, I love it all!

And with Halloween nearing, I decided to make a series on my YouTube channel for the days leading up to it. I'm going with the very original title of the 13 Days of Halloween! 😂

For day one of my series, I decided I would attempt another planner spread using one of my favorite Halloween/autumn colors, orange. I chose orange so that I could pair it with the newly released Bitsy stickers from thoughtfulstudio.

Bitsy is an adorable panda fox, created by Marie of thoughtfulstudio, with a really fun backstory that fits right in to a certain wizarding world. You can read all about her by visiting the link below. 🦊😊

Ok! So once I had my colors and stickers picked, I set off to create some puffy pumpkin spice clouds across my weekly planner spread.

I was really excited to use my new crackling campfire distress ink, that I had picked up at my local scrapbook store, which set in motion my cloud idea. To start, I grabbed a few more orange inks in the colors carved pumpkin, dried marigold, spiced marmalade, and ripe persimmon.

With my blending brushes and a cloud stencil, I added some fluffy clouds to the bottom of my planner pages with carved pumpkin and dried marigold. I then used the starry sky stencil from Lawn Fawn to make a gradient of stars, starting with darker inks at the bottom and getting lighter towards the top.

I had originally printed my planner pages with the dates at the top of the page, but I realized I had made a mistake and jumped from the 20th to the 22nd. So instead, I covered the tops of my pages with orange gold and glitter washi to cover the numbers.

Next, I chose a Hero Arts' alphabet stamp set from my stash that I thought matched the whimsical vibe of my layout. Then, I used some Versafine Clair ink to add back in the numbers and days of the week.

On to the main event! Here is where I added my Bitsy stickers, in two different sizes, across each of my pages. I thought she looked so cute prancing through the pumpkin spice clouds.

To finish off the spread, I stamped a quote that read “Do more of what you love” and lined it with more of the same orange washi. I also added some star bullet points to each day using a stamp set from The Sassy Club and a “notes” section with the same alphabet font as before.

I'm pretty happy with how this layout turned out. We started out pretty cutesy and fun 🎃🦊 for day one of the 13 days of Halloween, but I'm planning on getting spookier as we go along. 🧛‍♂️🦇💀👻

I'd like to add that if you’d like to purchase some of these adorable stickers for yourself, you can click the photo to the right to head to the thoughtfulstudio shop!

And while you’re there, you’ll also find Tessa Says Boo!, a matching paper kit perfect for your Halloween crafts!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

-Jenni :)





Fanciful Swirl Alphabet:

Magical Teachers:

Floral Stamp & Stencil Set:


Martha Stewart Halloween Washi:


Crackling Campfire:

Carved Pumpkin:

Ripe Persimmon:

Dried Marigold:

Spiced Marmalade:


Starry Sky:

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