• Jenni

Hello Card

This was the very first card I made using my Cuttlebug die cut machine. It came with the die to cut out the Hello sentiment, as well as the little dots. This card design was featured in the pamphlet that came with the machine. This was my first ever experience with a die cut machine and making a shaker card, so naturally there were some hiccups. First, I used Tombow Mono Multi glue, which I did not realize stayed tacky when dry. Second, I used lightweight single sided paper for the shaker bits, which was not a good decision. And third, I did not know what an embossing buddy was. In the end, I had a sticky card with white shaker bits that completely stuck to the sides of the shaker. Overall, its a bit of a mess, but I definitely learned what not to do, so hopefully sharing this can save someone else from making similar mistakes. Happy crafting! :)

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