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Vow Books

I’m so lucky to be creating things for such a cool couple. For this occasion, they asked me to make vow books for their wedding. The extra cool part is that they are fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones and they gave me free reign to create their vow books with those themes.

For his, I used Kindred Stamps’ Heirs to the Throne and Royal Throne stamp sets. I stamped the images out onto an 8.5x11” Bristol paper and drew a scene around them. I went over my drawing with micron pens and made masks for all the stamps. I used distress inks with foam blending tools to create the sky and a waterbrush with the distress inks to paint the rest of the image.

For hers, I did the same thing as his but I used Wizards, Wizard World, Magic Pals, Potter Head, Magical Creatures, Magic Wand, and The Baddies stamp sets from The Sassy Club.

I sealed both with distress micro glaze and used a saddle stitch to complete the spine.

I used my Scan ‘N Cut to cut out the words “his” and “hers” from gold foil cardstock and glued them to the covers.

These were so fun to make and I was so happy they liked them.

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