Brand new item to thoughtfulcollective...STICKERS!


Stickers, on matte white paper, 4"x6" sheets.


Perfect for planners and journals. Available in SMALL (each sticker approx 1") or REGULAR (each sticker approx 1.25")


With this sticker release comes a new magical chapter from thoughtful studio, thoughtful wizardry!


Exciting new treasures for magical memory keepers.


Crystal balls, charms, tea leaves, owl post, and friendly creatures. Unlock a world of enchantment and create something brilliant!


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Introducing the first addition to our wizarding world, Bitsy.


"Clever and curious, synonyms for those sorted into the Blue House and perfect for describing a fox!" - Jen Brandyworth, student


In the grounds of a Scottish castle that houses a school of witchcraft and wizardry, is a pumpkin patch full of magical creatures. Chief of all is Bitsy, both a marsupial and a canid, crossed through the power of magic. Bitsy, short for ‘a bit of trouble’, is a magical red panda-fox hybrid whose footsteps cause plants to grow quicker in the antipodean of New Zealand!


A panda-fox of marvellous wit and charm, Bitsy rules her menagerie of animals. The mystic moths are drawn to the blooms of the pumpkins, and trail behind Bitsy as she walks the grounds, checking the boundary at the forest line, waving to her friends the centaurs.


The centaurs send her notes to the groundskeeper from time to time, which they tuck into the band of her blue hat, made by a silver haired girl, from material found in a curiously changing room up in the castle. It is said that material came from the dress of one of the school founders. The silver haired girl had always been kind to Bitsy, and checked on her every time she returned to her school for alumni events.


The groundskeeper's dog ignores Bitsy, but they live a happy co-existence, for Bitsy's role is truly in the garden. She speaks softly to the pumpkins, so they may grow, and be ready for the Halloween Feast up in the castle. She sends messages up to the elves, to update them on which pumpkins will be best for roasting, or best for juice, pasties and which would only be fit for soup!


You may wonder, dear reader, where Bitsy is from.  On the top of a hill in Aberystwyth, Wales - at the very end of the train line, live a pair of magical zoologists. In the early 2000s, after the defeat of a Most Evil Wizard, they succesfully bred Bitsy, after 46 years of trying.


The zoologists, named Mr. and Mrs. Whippersnippet, had long dreamed of creating a hybrid with the resilience and cleverness of a fox, but the useful pouch and short gestational period of a marsupial!


Mr. and Mrs. Whippersnippet, or Carlisle and Brynwen worked closely with magical zoologists in Ireland, across the Irish sea from Aberystwyth. Living atop a hill in Ceredigion Bay, they sent many owls that flew on the strong winds to reach their colleagues quickly.


The Irish magical zoologists who were experts in inter-species cross breeding - having successful crossbred red squirrels and a fennec fox, as well as a dolphin and a hammerhead shark!


Bitsy is well-loved and continues to parade her pumpkins to anyone who stops by the groundskeeper's hut, earning bits of kippers sneaked out from breakfast in the Great Hall by sweet students.

Bitsy the Magic Fox - Sticker Sheet

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